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    Procs Windows oonly count total processes as far as i know, that why i created a small Powershellscript for that:

    I have added the changes from dnsmichi to my script. Thanks for the work !

    I still had a big problem on my side: If the paneid is set, but the id does not exists in Grafana you will not get any notifications at all!

    To solve this I added a "try" block here:

    I'am not very phyton, so maybe someone else can make a better execption code. Another problem is, that the Email still links to the image.

    Some other things:

    - need to remove "fullscreen&" from panelpng, as otherwise the image is empty on my server.

    - There is a typo: Service mail says Permormance instead of Performance

    - My Hostcheck is the Icinga cluster check. I needed to add

    1. elif (len(DATA.split(";")) is 3):
    2.   (VALUE,WARNING,CRITICAL) = DATA.split(";")
    3.   MIN = ''
    4.   MAX = ''


    1. if (len(DATA.split(";")) is 5):

    to get it to work proberly.

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    my debug.log on the master is full of depenncy logentries. The example is only a small snipped, i have this entry for every host with dependencies:

    The apply rule uses an array vars.parent to get the parent Host:

    1. pply Dependency "parents-from-director-" for ( dep in host.vars.parent) to Host {
    2. parent_host_name = dep
    3. disable_notifications = true
    4. disable_checks = true
    5. ignore_soft_states = false
    6. states = [ Up ]
    7. assign where host.vars.parent
    8. }

    - 1700MB Logfile contains 670 MB Dependencylines.

    - It looks like the Dependencies ar working.

    - The host is available (no history entries) and its chekced directly from the master.

    Any idea how to fix that ?

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    There already is a template for check_iftraffic64.

    As newer Versions of this plugin supports more options including snmpv3 I added these values to my check-template:

    I can't see what you do with this values, but you need to set -I and/or -O to "10000" while -u is set to "m"

    1. -u, --units STRING
    2. g=gigabits/s,m=megabits/s,k=kilobits/s,b=bits/s. Required if -b, -I, -M,
    3. or -O are used.
    4. -I, --inBandwidth INTEGER
    5. Interface maximum speed in kilo/mega/giga/bits per second. Applied to
    6. both IN and OUT if out (-O) max speed is not provided. Requires -u.
    7. -O, --outBandwidth INTEGER
    8. Interface maximum speed in kilo/mega/giga/bits per second. Applied to
    9. OUT traffic. Uses the same units value given for -b. Requires -u.

    I have seen this too,

    its because the checkplugin reads the free space from some unknown source ( at least for me :) ) but calculates the free space for performancedata itself. So these two values have nothing to do with each other and so they will never be the same.

    The output of the checkplugin uses the same value for free space as df, while the perfdata calculates free space from "size - used". I think the value of "free" calculates some other things into it, like free blocks or other filesystem usage like inode table and so on, so its always smaller than size - used.

    Be warned, there is a lot of guessing in this post :)

    Edit: some more information why there could be different results:…rts-different-output.html


    What is the diffenrent between /etc/icinga2/conf.d/api-users.conf and /etc/icinga2/features-available/api.conf ?

    api.conf is for configuring your api. conf.d/api-users.conf is the default/example place to configure your api-users.

    Where do you have this, and is this the user you have configured for your director ?:


    I though from version 2.8 conf.d will not be used anymore (buttom up)

    conf.d has nothing to do with buttom-up. Its the default/example path for local configuration files, like the api-users.

    Mir fällt eigentlich nur eins dazu ein: Die Director Datenbank ist schön! Wenn man das von einer Datenbank behaupten kann ;) Ordenltich Strukturiert und aufgebaut. Habe die auch schon von einer Umgebung auf ne andere Umgebung migriert um alle Checks und Templates zu übernehmen. War weniger aufwand als ich angenommen hatte.

    Simples Backup und Restore der Datenbank genügt völlig um die Konfiguration zu sicheren und zu restoren.


    I have the problem that most Host are going DOWN for 20-30 Seconds after i reload the Icinga config because "Zone '***' is not connected". Is there a way to delay the monitoring for some seconds after a reload is fired ?

    My History looks rather ugly that way:

    Another thing that i don't uderstand: The Loglag sums up, so I'am at 7 Days now. It looks like the loglag sums the time between two DOWNs and adds it to a total.

    Thanks for Help.

    Just reactivated the dashboard on my side. Has someone a tip for me how to get rid of the sidebar from icingaweb2 2.5.0 in the two links (hostproblems/serviceproblems) at the buttom ? showCompact is there, but does not work.


    There are some Projects that i don't need, so i would like to filter unread posts to only get post from projects where I can constribute or get usefull informations for my environment.

    Is there a way to do so ?

    Best regards,


    I think Your problem is, that the repository.d folder is not used any more, so you should change your configuration to Top-Down or just local configfiles. Never used Buttom up in productive environment, but maybe you can reuse some of the configfiles in your repository.d folder or even just move them to another folder like /etc/icinga2/conf.d/ (if you use this folder) to get Your hosts back.

    has your api user a password ? You have not fully posted Your api user conf.

    1. object ApiUser "root" {
    2. password = "mysecretapipassword"
    3. permissions = [ "*" ]
    4. }

    If you remove the folder on the master and reload the config. which files are left on the satellites in /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/satellite-olaasia/_etc/{{ FQDN }} ?

    I have a similir bug, to see if this is the same problem try this:

    Please try the following: don't remove the folder, but remove the files and place a new, but empty file in the folder named "something.conf" (touch somthing.conf) and try again.


    Try changing "$TRAFFIC_FILE = "/usr/local/nagios/libexec/traffic/" in the script to some folder that exists and the script has write permissions to.

    btw. "apt-get libcrypt-des-perl libcrypt-rijndael-perl" gives snmpv3 support