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    Last release for this year right from the train to #34c3. This release was a little late, sorry for that. But it comes with a quite powerfull new panorama widget, the squares widget. Basically its a container for automatically aligned icons to give a quick overview over a set of hosts or services. Data can be grouped by hostsname and/or servicename, so each icon could be a summary icon for a host and all its services. The color optionally fades to black/white after some time, so you immediatly recognize new alerts.

    Besides that tons of small things have been fixed, changed or added, see detailed changelog:

    The next Thruk release comes with a new "filter" feature for Business Processes. These can be Input and Output filter and there is already an example output filter included which adds a drill down view for the root cause of the issue.

    You can use the nightly builds to test that feature.

    If you have PNP and Nagflux enabled at the same time, both use the same spool folder and usually pnp grabs the files before nagflux is able to read them. So you can either disable PNP if you want to migrate anyway or if you want to use both, you could operate nagflux for example with mod-gearman.

    OMD-Labs ist der Werkzeugkasten mit dem wir Monitoring-Lösungen implementieren. Üblicherweise auf Nagios/Naemon oder Icinga2 Basis, mit Thruk als Gui und PNP oder Grafana fürs Graphing. Neuerdings schon auch mal Prometheus.

    Der Fokus ist also weniger auf einem einzigen Tool und vielmehr auf einer abgestimmten Sammlung von Werkzeugen die wir immer wieder benötigen.

    Its the 'obj_reload_cmd'. But you cannot just run '/etc/init.d/nagios reload' because thruk runs as webserver user. You probably need to use sudo or something similar.

    Is the apache user in that group? Otherwise thruk cannot change the group. Thruk does not run with root permissions and therefor can only use groups which the apache user actually belongs to.