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    I don’t speak English very well, so sorry for my mistakes.

    I am beginner on linux.

    I use icingaweb2 with icinga, granana, influxdb, mariadb telegraf and influxdb.

    I have 3 hosts (all of this are on VM).

    On grafana, i don't have problem, i can watch my all graf on my all host (hostA, hostB, hostC...)

    But, on icingaweb2, I have a stupide problem! I can't choice the hostname!

    On grafana, I have on the dashboard "info", tree graph, the second is "ping4 server icinga" :

    Basically, that works good... but, my ALL host have the same graph on Icingaweb2! of course, because the name is "ping4" on icingaweb2, on name, i have try to do "icinga: ping4"

    but that doesn’t work, I have to use the "name for service", and of cause my all host have the same "name of service" and so they have the same graph...

    Like you can see on this picture, the "clientB" and "clientC" have the same graph because on Icingaweb2, when i do "add new grafana graph", on name, i have to do "ping4" and not "ClientC: ping4" (clientB=hostB, clientC=hostC).

    I you have an idea to fix it, that can be nice.

    finally, I just want to attribute one graph on one host, and don’t have one graph for my all host.

    Thank you.