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    The following config works for me:

    Hi All.

    I did some some solutions, It seem works:

    Hi All.

    I'm trying create automation script for adding client to two satellites (master):

    But I didn't find any examples of this command (icinga2 pki request and icinga2 node setup) for two satellites (masters).

    Here…hints-certificates-manual just for one

    Many thanks for any info!

    Restart log:

    Hi All, I ave some problem ("backend not running" message in the web UI) after update:

    Icinga2 2.7.2 -> 2.8

    Icingaweb2 2.4.2 -> 2.5.0

    We use Apache + PHP-FPM,

    Icingaweb2 and DB are different hosts (RH7.3) and already worked before update

    There are the features:

    Disabled features: compatlog elasticsearch gelf graphite influxdb opentsdb

    Enabled features: api checker command debuglog ido-mysql livestatus mainlog notification perfdata statusdata syslog

    1. The configuration has been successfully validated.
    2. Validation Log
    3. Connection to icinga as icinga on ........: successful
    4. have_ssl: DISABLED
    5. protocol_version: 10
    6. version: 5.5.56-MariaDB
    7. version_compile_os: Linux
    1. Edit Command Transport icinga
    2. The configuration has been successfully validated.

    But when I disable api feature, and restart icinga2 daemon, i see on webui:

    icinga has been up and running with PID 9588 for 0m 10s

    Of course, the commands on the webUI do not work, but can see list of hosts, services, history ....

    When i enable api again, I see "backend not running"

    I don't know mechanism how to icingaweb does monitoring of health.

    Could you please give some advise for this issue?