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    It isn't related to my previous post no, just not had the chance to update that yet but it is resolved.

    Zone.conf Master

    Zone.conf on Satellite

    I can just see the hosts.conf in /var/lib/icinga2/api on the satellite. I only have 1 whilst I am setting it up.

    A bit more information, I have a host that has 3 services, check's NSClient version, gets uptime and ping4. The ping4 service works fine, but the other 2 services are stuck on pending.


    I have a single master node and a single satellite node. All of the clients being monitored from the satellite node are stuck at pending. All of the hosts.conf within zones.d are syncing OK to the satellite. Here is the config for one of the hosts stuck on pending -

    1. object Host "Exchange" {
    2. import "generic-host"
    3. address = "ipaddress"
    4. vars.os = "windows"
    5. vars.cdrive = "cdrive"
    6. groups = [ "CDUK" ]
    7. }

    Any node monitored from the master is working fine.


    I have a master and a satellite going over the internet. I cannot get the files from the master to sync to the satellite. I am looking under /var/lib/icinga2/api. There is no zones file.

    My master zones file is as follows -

    The zones on the satellite are as follows -

    When I run service icinga2 status, I get the following -

    Any ideas whats happening here?