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    ok i was able to get it to not show errors anymore but still don't see changes to the overview

    object Endpoint "" {


    object Zone "master" {

    endpoints = [ "" ]


    object Zone "global" {

    global = true


    object Zone "director-global" {

    global = true


    under director,deployments,infrastructure,zones i have a zone with this

    1. object Zone "" { endpoints = [ "" ]
    2. }

    is this right?

    just trying to create a hostgroup and i get this

    1. critical/config: Error: Validation failed for object 'hostgroup1' of type 'HostGroup'; Attribute 'zone': Object 'director-global' of type 'Zone' does not exist.
    2. Location: in [stage]/zones.d/director-global/hostgroups.conf: 1:0-1:28
    3. [stage]/zones.d/director-global/hostgroups.conf(1): object HostGroup "hostgroup1" { ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    4. [stage]/zones.d/director-global/hostgroups.conf(2): }
    5. [stage]/zones.d/director-global/hostgroups.conf(3):
    6. critical/config: 1 error

    I keep getting this error

    1. critical/config: Error: Object 'generic-host' of type 'Host' re-defined: in [stage]/zones.d/ 1:0-1:27; previous definition: in /etc/icinga2/conf.d/templates.conf: 14:1-14:28
    2. Location: in [stage]/zones.d/ 1:0-1:27
    3. [stage]/zones.d/ template Host "generic-host" {

    I was able to configure a new setup of icinga2 and icinga web 2 with director, but any changes I make under director doesn't do anything. For example, I created new hostgroups and servicegroups, but they don't show up under overview. Even the default groups are not showing under director. Did I miss something in the setup?

    I'm trying to configure Icinga2 utilizing Director to import and automate hosts from AWS to Icinga, but I have no idea where to start. Do I need to export data from AWS into a database first? Can I do API calls and push data directly into Director? What's the best way to do this? If data is pushed to Director, how does it know how to read the data and format it for it's use. In AWS, I know I can use Lambda, Cloudwatch and/or SNS to get data out. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.