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    Got it. He mentioned "This works, but doesn't show the percentage. I am still confused as to why the above OID definition does not work for checking used disk space." So I would say his issue now is with SNMP rather than Icinga.

    But if it's better to delete my comment, I'll do so. Any suggestion to keep this "solution" (that might help others) documented? I appreciated your job and I just wanted to contribute.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using "Icinga 1.13.3". I had kind of the same problem "SNMP OK - No Such Instance currently exists at this OID". My problem was on the "snmpd.conf" file from my Centos Server. I added the next lines and now it shows the percentage.

    disk / 10000

    disk /var 5%

    includeAllDisks 10%

    This worked for me, something weird is the my Ubuntu server had this settings by default but the Centos did not. I hope this helps.


    I've installed SNMP on both server(Ubuntu and Centos) the same day.