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    Example of how I got this to work with NagiosXI:

    1> Configure Nagvis as mentioned previously to enable the link features,

    2> In Nagios navigate through Configure/Core Configuration Management/Hosts.

    3> Select a host to modify then select the 'Misc Settings' tab.

    4> Click on the 'Manage Free Variables' link (javascript popup will appear).

    5> In the name field enter _TAGS. (The leading underscore is required.)

    6> If the host is a web server then in the value field you could enter web-80 or web-443, whichever is appropriate.

    7> Click on the "Insert>" button and you should see those values applied.

    8> Click "Close", click "Save" then click "Apply Configuration".

    9> Reload the map that has the host you just edited.

    A right-click on that host should now have the option you just added below the options you already had.