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    First of all thank you for your replies.

    Regarding Kevins note I looked for the lexecinfo in the make files but found nothing. Also the file was not detected on the system and I cant found any package to install it on Amazon Linux.

    In reference to dnsmichi's statement: Amazon Linux is a strange mix of RHEL6 and Fedora. That lead me to the idea to build the rpm on a Fedora-25 system and move it afterwards to my Amazon Linux 2017.03 machine. I compiled it on Feodora with the vendor RedHat-Parameter as followed:

    1. rpmbuild -bb --define="_vendor redhat" SPECS/icinga2.spec

    The make process exit with a similar error:

    1. /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpthreads

    and the same output on screen as on Centos:

    What I'm doing wrong? Could it be that there is bug in version 2.6.3 or in the icinga2.spec file ?

    I attached the Fedora error and output file to this message.

    Best, Ray

    Dear community,

    we've an Icinga2 server with Icinga2 Director running on CentOS and we'll monitor several dynamic Linux hosts with Amazon Linux (AMI 2017.03). Unfortunately no ready to use rpm package is currently available for Amazon Linux. Therefore we compiled Icinga2 from source with 'cmake' what's going on without problems (but take a long time to compile).

    To speed up the installation process we tried to create an Icinga2 rpm-file to roll out with each new AWS AMI client together with the agent file generated from Icinga2 Director. We installed all necessary packages like e.g. boost-devel and followed the official documentation on ''. In addition we grab the latest version of the Icinga2 spec-file and added the following lines:


    I'd like to point out that 'devtools-2' is not available for AMI Linux too. But the installed 'boost-devel' package on the machine is identically with the version Icinga2 reccommended (1.53).

    The compile process finished without problems to us but the make process ends with the following error:

    1. /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lexecinfo

    Unfortunately Google doesnt know a lot about this error. Therefore I've following questions to the community:

    1. How can I create a working rpm package from source on Amazon Linux (AMI 2017.03) ?
    2. Is there a more simple way to install an Icinga2 Agent on Linux (without bells and whistles like IDO, database, Vim, Nano) ?

    Attached you'll find the error and output log of 'cmake'.

    Thanks in advance for any help,