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    Hello everyone, I'm new here !

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to insert a pnp4nagios graph into a NagVis map ?
    I am using NagVis-1.8.5 and pnp4nagios-0.6.25.

    So far what I managed to acomplish is :

    Basically, I added special > container and provided the pnp4nagios url. However this gives me not just the graph, but rather the entire page !

    The goal is to have a screen in the office showing the NagVis map with some equipment and services, along with some graphs. This means I can't use hover templates or anything that requires a user's interaction.

    Also, notice the NagVis header at the top of the image. It got all weird when I added the graph. Although I don't really care about that. ^^

    Does anyone have any suggestions or helpfull information on my goal of having just the graph appear on NagVis ?