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    So after weeks of searching the internet and struggling I was somehow magically able to get the director enabled. However now I am getting the error:

    CURL Error: Failed to connect to Icinga Port 5665: Connection refused (RestApiClient.php:177)

    I did manage to get CURL installed, I got the CA certificate installed, I really need some help with the next steps as I feel that I am so close to getting this up and running. Please help. :)

    Hey everyone,

    I am brand new to Icinga and know very little about Linux. I can follow instructions very well and was able to get Icinga installed this morning after spending most of yesterday following some instructions I found online. I could not figure out how to add hosts until I did a google search and discovered the module called Director for Icinga. I followed the instructions on the GitHub site, created the database and the user, added the resource in the web UI, however that is where I am stuck. I do not know where to go from here in order to get the Director Module installed. Can someone help me please?