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    On a Windows Machine I would like to check if a specific process is running. In my example the cmd.exe.

    I have the following configuration in my service.conf-File:

    1. apply Service "Test" {
    2. import "generic-service"
    3. check_command = "nscp-local"
    4. command_endpoint = host.vars.remote_client
    5. vars.nscp_query = "check_process"
    6. vars.nscp_arguments = ["process=cmd.exe"]
    7. assign where host.vars.os == "Windows"
    8. }

    But in Icinga2 I'm always getting the following displayed:

    CRITICAL: cmd.exe=stopped.

    What I'm doing wrong? On the Windows Machine Icinga Agent and NSClient++ is installed and running based on the following article:…t-on-windows-server-2012/

    When I manually run the following on the Windows Machine:

    1. PS C:\Program Files\NSClient++> ./nscp client -q check_process -a process=cmd.exe

    OK: all processes are ok.|'cmd.exe state'=1;0;0 'count'=1;0;0