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    Hey Guys,

    I was monitoring a firewall in Check_mk.

    The console in Check_mk shows also critical about 98% of RAM is used.

    But, In the firewall console it seems that everything running so normally also the RAM usage is only 45%.

    Please help me decide which one is showing the correct prediction.

    Hey Guys,

    I have enabled Notification in Check_mk 1.4.p5 which is notification rule based.

    Even though the notification based rule is enabled, I can still see Notification which is not relevant notification rules.

    How can I stop the global false notification rule?

    Hey Guys,

    I came across a lot of topics related to SNMP.

    What is MIB file of the networking device?

    I have a QNAP NAS storage, they provide MIB file in the console itself for monitoring.

    I don't know how to import the MIB file into monitoring system and start monitoring the backup server.

    As like my firewall to have the same MIB file provided in their official website itself, I don't know how to install the file.

    Please help me to monitor the devices.

    Hey guys,

    I have configured a new Check_mk which is working in the distributed monitoring method.

    I have restricted te notification for nth and mth escalation method.

    I have set to periodic notification for every 5 min.

    As I have restricted for nth and mth notification, it should not send after the escalation.

    But the emails are sent regularly as per regular interval.

    How can I stop this?

    Will Throttling rule help me in this situation?

    CheckMK- 1.4p5

    Hey Lucky,

    Currently, I was doing that what you're explaining.

    I was failed, as there is no external restore option in new check_mk.

    Still, I cannot find it here.

    I was asked to set backup target here.

    To set a backup target it is asking me to mention local path, I honestly don't know where is the local path can be created and mentioned.

    I was struck in the middle.

    Hey Patrick,

    Check_mk alone cannot be installed because it will be downloaded with all the packages together.

    Even though you installed check_mk from the offficial website of them.

    You can still find the other packages as like in OMD.

    Check_mk and OMD are not different packages.

    Now I am using check_mk ( OMD ) version 1.4.p5

    This have lot features than the old version.

    Hey Qwer,

    It seems you have very old version of OMD.

    For Past months I thought OMD and Check_Mk are entirely different.

    I came to know that OMD is open source which is remodeled by ChecK_mk.

    Installation of Check_mk and OMD is same.

    After installation of Check_mk, you can find the Nagvis and other packages too with it.


    The above link is for downloading Check_mk which is Deb package.

    Reinstall to Check_mk Raw edition which is open source, other enterprises versions are paid.

    You can have a lot of unbelivable updates and bugs fixed and will be amazed as like I did.

    So reinstall your OMD to Check_Mk.

    Hey Guys,

    I have some sort of knowledge with monitoring using pfSense.

    I want to monitor my firewall pfSense.

    I have downloaded check_mk agent in my firewall and got some services in my console from pfSense Firewall.

    It is was almost 7 Services from the host.

    One of my senior guys made this possible with 30 Services from the firewall.

    I hope, he might be handled with any SNMP services.

    I have tried SNMP too, but I get only 4 services in addition with comman SNMP which polls at 161 port number.

    I have tried SNMP walk which has offline information stored in OID format.

    I failed in the method.I came to know we can monitor the gateways, overflow of traffics in firewall and lot.

    I wanted to know what is SNMP trap, how it is used?

    What is SNMP legacy mode?

    One of the guys suggested me to download SNMP MIB file of pfsense and try inserting into the SNMP based monitoring system.

    Is this method is possible?

    Please assist me, guys.

    Yes Luck, I have used flexible notification.

    Goodness, I came to know the latest version of Check_mk ( OMD) is available by June 2016 which is available officially in Check_mk Site.

    The version downloaded from OMD site which is very old and have bugs such as cache problem, update problems (Released Aug 2012).

    New Check_mk(OMD) have a lot of features and bugs fixed.

    You can have escalated emails, throttling mail frequency, Changing escalated mail subjects for each mail.

    A lot of plugins added, a lot of bugs fixed from 2012 to 2016, the ability to monitor nook and corners and etc..


    I thought Check_mk Site is providing the unique package only check_mk.

    Later came to know, it contains the same package as the OMD.

    The installation process of Check_mk is same like OMD installation setup.

    I installed on DPKG package, so the installation package steps end in two command line alone.

    For example

    Everything came with the check_mk package itself.

    Hope this information may help for the geeks in upcoming days.

    Special Thanks to Lucky

    Hey guys,

    I have enabled notification for all the services and host.

    I get the regular notification of host down or up notification.

    But the problem is for services, I receive down notification but I don't receive up notification.

    I am clear on what I have implemented in rules and in others config.

    I have also enabled notification for service recovery in the user management console too.

    Please help me to get recovery service notification.