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    after playing around with my NagVis configuration I've got a new Exception whilst trying to load the NagVis page.

    Code: ErrorMessage
    1. Error (Icinga\Exception\ProgrammingError): Can't access module nagvis because it hasn't been loaded

    I've tried different approaches and i don't know what to do anymore.

    I'm working on Ubuntu 14.04 and those are my config files for NagVis

    I also have a nagvis-1.0.0 module directory in /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules.

    The biggest problem is the fact that another administrator didn't write a protocol of his changes.

    I hope you are able to help me

    With kind regards



    after working for some hours on the inclusion of NagVis in my Icinga2 web surface I can't get it to work. NagVis alone worked fine before and a colleague (who can't be reached at the moment) changed something on the system and didn't document his changes. Since then I get the error

    Code: Exception
    1. Error (ErrorException): include_once(Zend/Controller/Request/Http.php): failed to open stream: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

    when i try to use the web surface of NagVis and i see nothing of it on my Icinga2 web surface.

    I've tried searching through all files in the /usr/local/ and /usr/share/ for either 'include_once' or 'Zend/Controller/Request/Http.php' or for the complete string.

    Thanks for all answers

    check_snmp_int version : 1.24

    I need to store the data so i can use it in Icingaweb2 with Graphite. So basically I want the data see a performance graph.

    Can you please paste the complete service configuration ?




    I am an absolute beginner with Icinga and I have already tried several desperate attempts at finding a solution to it.
    After finally bringing to give me performance data I've tried to provide this data to JasperReports and Graphite.
    I've googled several desperate hours but couldn't find any answer. I can't seem to find where saves it's data for performance checks.

    I'm working on:
    Ubuntu 14.04
    Icinga2 version:r2.5.4-1
    IcingaWeb2 version 2.3.4

    I have already installed the plugin

    Code: commands.conf
    1. object CheckCommand "check_snmp_int" { import "plugin-check-command" command = [PluginDir + "/"] arguments = {    "-H" = "$snmp_address$"    "-C" = "$snmp_community$"    "-p" = "$snmp_port$"    "-2" = {set_if = "$snmp_v2$"}    "-o" = "$snmp_oid$"    "-f" = {set_if = "$snmp_perf$"}    "-w" = "$snmp_warn$"    "-c" = "$snmp_crit$"  }}

    This is the service I have implemented with the plugin.

    Code: service.conf
    1. apply Service "bandbreitenueberwachung" { check(unknown) at 12:40 ..._int" check_interval = 5m assign where host.vars.os == "Switch"}

    tldr: where does save data and where does it retrieve it's data so I can use them in IcingaWeb.

    I would be grateful for any advice :thumbsup: