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    The final client need to know if the service was up 99.9% time... and nagios can give me one graph like that.

    [Blocked Image:]

    (thats my words "nagios style")

    now im using Icinga2 - Mariadb <--> (grafana / jasper)

    Both commands (check_tcp) are using same default values (only change port 80 and 33080 for MISGW)

    and of course, both services since 16 Feb 2017 are returning OK

    but when try to use jasperreport. one of then are KO 100% and other are fine 100%... and dont remain to understand why..

    i need availability reports (like nagios style) to know if a check had response las month for example...

    that work for check_tcp on port 80, but have KO data from port missgw... and i know that service was operative las month too..

    Thanks dnsmichi.

    i will try the older version... i think there are some bad at templates for jasperserver... i never used that reporting... i hope icinga2 have soon some like nagios... our clients allways need info about the last month...

    If found some i will answer too.

    hi Sru.

    1.- I use datasource with mysql (mariadb) for grafana and jasper, at first grafana was used with influxdb but i cant make work influxdb-java connector for jasper...

    2.- i use icinga-reports-1.1.0 from gihub and maybe that interprete is bad... because as said. some values allways are marked KO

    Thanks for ur help, im going to try access manually to mariadb and get data as jasper report do... but my knowledge about jasper reports is the same as windows :D


    Im trying to get reports from some check_tcp... but there are any that i dont remain to understant...

    At first, we have 2 check tcp. that Grafana show ok.

    [Blocked Image:]

    well... in jasper FTP show fine, but MISSGW not show well (allways in red state)


    [Blocked Image:]


    [Blocked Image:]

    The check_command is the same. the route is the same. the output perfdata is the same.

    Any idea what way take?


    I dont know if that is possible... but i have a var that have vars....

    better a sample description.

    I have a Host Template like that:

    As can see, the vars.metricams have diferents vars inside (critical/warning/method and rate)

    That is called by a apply Service.

    1. apply Service "Ams" for (metric_name => config in host.vars.metricams){
    2. import "generic-service-1h"
    3. vars += config
    4. display_name = "Ams: " + metric_name
    5. check_command = "check-ams"
    6. assign where host.vars.os == "bigdata-consumers"
    7. }

    And the command is that:

    my problem is that i dont know how pass to the checkCommand the "sub vars"

    Any idea?

    Does it really support "perfdata" as an extra field? I would think it requires you to pass the performance data string after the pipe symbol after the output string.

    Like this (untested).

    1. echo -e "c6926\tPower from R424E4\t0\tNODE POWER CHECK OK - Reading 123.4 Watts | 123.4"


    At first I thought that nsca had that option (i read in some web about that) but i think that there are no perfdata option...

    Finally i did what you say. Send the pipe and the perfdata using output part.

    1. echo -e "$1\t$2\t$3\t$4 | '$2'=$iPerfdata" | /usr/sbin/send_nsca -H -c /etc/nagios/send_nsca.cfg 


    recently i'm trying do send over nsca not only alerts, i want to send perfdata too.

    At first i need to say that know nsca is not the most good chance but the server that send nsca is the unique valid option..

    I know that send_nsca permit "NODE_NAME" "SERVICE_DESC" "RETURNCODE" "OUTPUT" "PERFDATA"

    In one hand nagios (and icinga) get perfdata after "|" simbol but the send_nsca put a simbol that i cant understant....


    echo -e "c6926\tPower from R424E4\t0\tNODE POWER CHECK OK - Reading 123.4 Watts \t 123.4" | /usr/sbin/send_nsca -H  server -c /etc/nagios/send_nsca.cfg


    nsca[1588]: SERVICE CHECK -> Host Name: 'c6926', Service Description: 'Power from R424E4', Return Code: '0', Output: 'NODE POWER CHECK OK - Reading 123.4 Watts #011 123.4'

    I dont understant the meaning of #011 and i think icinga too dont understant because i dont receive any perfdata...

    Anybody can help?