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    you can configure if a host is monitored via agent, snmp, agent and snmp or ping only. Maybe the aws instance is configured to monitor only by ping? You can find these settings in WATO > Host properties > Host tags > Agent type.

    For security reasons you should secure the connection between your omd host and the aws instance. The traffic between check_mk agent and server is not encrypted, also there is no authentification implemented.

    Thank you for the comment. I was configured by default as "Check_MK agent (server)". I did not know that once the host is added, I need to schedule a re-inventory of the host. I did that (first, forgot to) activate changes and I see multiple services now. Thanks.


    I am a beginner with OMD and Nagios. I installed OMD V1.20 (CentOS 7.x) with help of this link. I was able to successfully add the server itself as host and it showed some 18 processes and is running fine.

    After that, i proceeded with installation of check_mk_agent in an AWS instance (Ubuntu 4.8.2). I am able to successfully test - telnet <ip-of-aws-instance> 6556 - from the OMD host and I added it as the host.

    I am only seeing PING service from this AWS host. Is there anything I am missing? How should I configure OMD/Check_mk to show all processes running in that machine?

    Thanks for any help/pointers.