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    Last version of Centreon require using "centreon-engine" instead of Nagios.
    Centreon configuration don't allow using "centreon-engine" in some poller and Nagios in some othe, in the same time.
    Sometimes, we can't migrate all pollers at the same time.

    Here is a script to use "centreon-engine" and Nagios in same time with Centreon. import Nagios/NDO data to centreon_storage database.

    Instalation :

    - copy in /usr/local/scripts
    - copy etc_cron.d_ndo_gateway.txt in /etc/cron.d/ndo_gateway
    - copy db_info.conf in /etc/db_info.conf
    - edit /etc/db_info.conf with database information

    Download :



    to debug the NDO backend, display the full error message, by modifying ViewMapAddModify.php line 362

    l($e.' Unable to fetch data from backend - falling back to input field.')));

    In the hope that it will be useful for someone else...