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    Hi friends,

    this evening, I took some time for testing.

    First, I've enabled debugging to see what exactly is performing the memore diagnostics - and I didn't find any!

    I was searching for a "Running command" in addition with the server's IP or hostname that I'd like to modify. So I wasn't able to find out what's wrong.

    I'd like to give you an overview in how I do the memory check. It's located in my icinga2.conf:

    It's exactly the same as in the book...

    Please, where can I modify or even find out the thresholds, specially for some given hosts?

    Thank you!


    Hi Friends,

    I'm reading and working with my new advantage - the Icinga2 book!

    Since I'm monitoring one of our Exchange servers, Icinga2 is monitoring a high RAM load. This is no error but usual since Exchange's STORE.EXE reserves a lot of memory by default.

    That's why I'm trying to change the thresholds of Icinga2's warnings.

    By default, the first warning comes up above 80% load, and it gets critical by 90%.

    I'd like to change this to: warn > 92%, crit > 95%

    What I did in the server's conf-file:

    1. object Host "ex1.corp.local" {
    2. import "generic-host"
    3. display_name = "ex1.corp.local"
    4. address = ""
    5. vars.os = "Windows"
    6. vars.nscp_memory.nscp_arguments += [ "warn=load > 95", "crit=load > 98" ]
    7. }

    Icinga receives this update but doesn't work with it. Instead, I can read in the host's overview:

    Nscp Memory {
    • nscp_arguments =>
      • warn=load > 95
      • crit=load > 98
    Os Windows

    Looking nice, but not working.

    Dudes, where's my prob?

    Thanks a lot for any step :thumbup:



    I tried to add the node manually using

    1. icinga2 node add winserver

    I could add it to the "Hosts" list, but it appeared to be offline. I recognized that there were't any .conf files or a host-folder in /etc/icinga2/repository.d/hosts as it should be.
    Can this be caused by a permission issue?

    I've been installing Icinga by using…enial-xerus-installieren/ and…_2_mit_Icinga_2_verwenden afterwards.

    I was happy with any advice. Got stuck in this.

    Hi friends,

    I'm working on my first deployment of Icinga 2 with the icingaweb2. Actually, I'm trying to import our Windows Servers as Icinga clients.
    Icinga is doing on a Ubuntu 16.04 server quite fine.

    My process

    • testing PING from and to client/icinga server
    • open port TCP 5665 in and out
    • installing Icinga2-v2.4.10-x86_64 on Windows Server
    • creating pki ticket using exact FQDN
    • checkboxing "listen on connections", "Accept Commands from Master", "Accept config updates..."
    • on Server: icinga2 node update-config and after that: service icinga2 restart

    After updating the config I don't see the new clients in the list. A short "ls -la" in /etc/icinga2/repository.d/hosts does'n't show any new content.

    Does some of you have any idea for me?
    Thanks a lot!

    Hey Michi,

    thank you for the deep dive into the security of Icinga. That was more than I've expected.

    And yes, your advices did match my prob. I guess when I've first run the wizard I made the mistake to choose "node install" instead of 'Master' - That was all.

    Now I'll be able to setup my first testing enviroment.
    Have a great time... I think I'll ask some more later :D

    Thank you! After doing so I'll keep you up-to-date.

    Is icinga's client/server connection secured with a (self-signed) certificate? I understand the salt to be a kind of handshake for authentication purposes between client and server. Correct?

    thanks all for your efforts!

    You're right, in the mentioned folder only two files are located:

    1. root@icinga:/etc/icinga2/pki# ll
    2. insgesamt 16
    3. drwxr-xr-x 2 nagios nagios 4096 Aug 9 17:55 ./
    4. drwxr-x--- 9 nagios nagios 4096 Aug 11 18:12 ../
    5. -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1781 Aug 9 17:55
    6. -rw------- 1 nagios nagios 3243 Aug 9 17:55

    I've re-run the wizard as ROOT, but no change was happening.

    What to do now?
    Thanks in advance,


    PS: No backup contains the missing file, since it has never been provided I guess... I've no client hooked-up yet.


    true. Sorry, I just "tail"ed it... Here's the whole enchilada:

    Can you give me a hint? Seems you were right - no such file or directory... Where do I get the certs from? Should I simply create some?

    Hi there!
    I'm Patrick, I'm quite new to this board and I want to say HELLO @ALL in this forum! This seems to be a great resource in all about monitoring.

    Ich weiß nicht, was die "Corporate Language" ist, so I remain wringing in English - for a better communication for everyone here.

    Some days ago, I installed my first ICINGA2 on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS virtual machine. After doing so, I installed the ICINGA Web 2 add-on. I was able to log-on to the web frontend before I make a little mistake: I started the icinga2 node wizard.

    After performing it with the Defaults, I'm not able to start-up the icinga2 service anymore.

    The error starting faced me to display the startup.log, so I did:

    It's easy to see: I have an issue with the SSL cert. Since I'm not really familiar with what I have to do here, I was very thankful for every advice.

    Kind regards to all

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