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    Thanks for the reply. Got it to work forgot to update the API config XD. I do have another problem though. There was a power outage not too log ago and the server lost power. After pulling it and all the other servers back online, the icinga server tells me all my hosts (except for itself) are down. I have checked the firewalls and network connects on all hosts. The correct ports are open and the icinga services are running. I also checked the logs and there are some query issues. But at the same time it also receives some queries. not really sure what to do at this point...

    information/IdoMysqlConnection: Query queue items: 0, query rate: x/s (x/min x/xmin x/xmin);

    Been googling a bit and larking around on the forums for the answer. Tried a few different config changes with braking icinga2 the only outcome..... At a lost of how to remedy the communication/api issue

    warning/ApiListener: Ignoring config update for object 'computer_FQDN!load!computer-#-#' of type 'Downtime'. 'api' does not accept config.


    trying to add remote hosts to the monitoring server. I am unable to get a connection to the server.


    Running command 'icinga2.exe pki save-cert --host "ip_addr" --port "5665" --key "windows_path.key" --cert "windows_path.crt" --trustedcert "windows_path.tmp"' produced the following output:
    critical/TcpSocket: Invalid socket: 10060, "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond."
    critical/pki: Cannot connect to host 'ip_addr' on port '5665'
    critical/cli: Failed to fetch certificate from host

    Linux (ubuntu):
    warning/cli: Backup file 'path.orig' already exists. Skipping backup.
    warning/cli: Backup file 'path.crt.orig' already exists. Skipping backup.
    information/base: Writing private key to 'path.key'.
    information/base: Writing X509 certificate to 'path.crt'.
    information/cli: Fetching public certificate from master (ip_addr, 5665):

    critical/TcpSocket: Invalid socket: No route to host
    critical/pki: Cannot connect to host 'ip_addr' on port '5665'
    critical/cli: Peer did not present a valid certificate.

    I added the port to the iptables and checked the firewall. Could it be a cert issue?


    I found the problem for some reason its using the wrong user and database.

    [2016-07-15 09:44:44 -0400] critical/IdoMysqlConnection: Connection to database 'icinga' with user 'icinga' on 'localhost:3306' failed: "Unknown database 'icinga'"
    (0) Reconnecting to MySQL IDO database 'ido-mysql'

    [2016-07-15 09:44:44 -0400] critical/IdoMysqlConnection: Exception during database operation: Verify that your database is operational!

    is this not the location for the ido credentials/configuration? /etc/icinga2/features-available/ido-mysql.conf

    server says "icinga is currently not up and running." possible permissions issue not sure. help please.

    OS: centos6



    server sagt ""icinga is currently not up and running." könnte problem mit den berechtigungen sein. bitte helfen mich

    Es tut mir leid uber mein deutsch

    OS: centos6