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    I would like to upgrade our icinga2 running V2.5.4 to V2.8.0. what are the requirements for the upgrade and how to do it by step by step.

    Our server info:

    System information:

    Platform: CentOS Linux

    Platform version: 7 (Core)

    Kernel: Linux

    Kernel version: 3.10.0-327.36.3.el7.x86_64

    Architecture: x86_64

    Build information:

    Compiler: GNU 4.8.5

    Build host: unknown



    Is there any changes in the new version V2.6.0 HA / distributed monitoring. while testing i can see there is some warnings with the CLI.

    [root@icinga2 ~]# icinga2 repository zone list
    Warning: CLI command 'repository zone list' is DEPRECATED! Please read the Changelog.

    [root@icinga2 ~]# icinga2 node list
    Warning: CLI command 'node list' is DEPRECATED! Please read the Changelog.

    [root@icinga2 ~]# icinga2 node update-config
    Warning: CLI command 'node update-config' is DEPRECATED! Please read the Changelog.

    information/cli: Updating node configuration for
    information/cli: Committing node configuration.
    Changes to be committed:

    Any new features added to it in the clustering. I faced issues with single IDO-DB. So trying to test with new Version.



    So i just need to install icinga web-2 and DB ido in master and another 2 cluster just icinga2 so it will sync automatically.

    I will look up the zones information.

    One more question.
    I Think in the servers with icinga2 agent installed i can add 2 more master endpoint, but how about monitoring with check config files?
    Do i need to put config check files in all the 3 servers?

    Many Thanks


    So if one of the system crash i can install icinga web2 in machine 2 or 3 to make it running again?

    Since i had an issue with a single master server and it crashed. I cannot recover it anymore. I need to do it all over again for 710 hosts so its better to check HA from beginning.



    I have 3 new identical machines with icinga2 and ido-mysql installed. I want to configure distributed monitoring as per this document…er/distributed-monitoring
    Also i have checked another document…ter+Install+with+CentOS+6

    I am just confused and wondering do i need to configure the mysql , ido in all those 3 servers. or just 1 server so it will sync automatically to the other 2 ?
    In my case i am just using master servers as satellite also to do all the checks.



    I setup 3 new servers for distributed monitoring, do i need to put the config files in all those 3 servers or just main server?



    Yes, I use mysql as backend and ido for icigna2-web. I am trying to mount the partitions but i cannot mount the partitions. I can see them in lvmdiskscan and also from dev/mapper , but its shows cannot find /dev/mapper/centos7.

    I am also trying to deploy 2 new machines for HA for distributed monitoring , Do i need to configure open switch as well for virtual Ip for HA, since i can only bind one virtual ip to the monitoring server.



    My Icinga2 server is crashed and won't boot, it always goes into emergency mode shell i cannot do anything, I just run the machine with one standby, no HA or cluster. but if i boot with rescue mode i can able to see the partitions (can't rescue the OS though). I cannot mount it as well since its in XFS file system (XFS_repair doesn't seems to be working took 3 days).

    If i recover the files from the system and try to put the config files in a scratch installation will it accepts and do the checks? Since most of the servers running with agents.

    I have 210 servers with agents and 550 with config files. (have old backup as well)

    Many Thanks !

    Tried with another agent version : Icinga2-v2.5.0-x86_64 , ended up with different error.

    Running command 'icinga2.exe pki new-cert --cn "Zax-Vast-SRV03" --key "C:\ProgramData\icinga2\etc\icinga2\pki\Zax-Vast-SRV03.key"
    --cert "C:\ProgramData\icinga2\etc\icinga2\pki\Zax-Vast-SRV03.crt"' produced the following output:
    Writing private key to 'C:\ProgramData\icinga2\etc\icinga2\pki\Zax-?Vast-?SRV03.key'.
    critical/SSL: Error while opening private RSA key file 'C:\ProgramData\icinga2\etc\icinga2\pki\Zax-?Vast-?SRV03.key': 33558651, "error:0200107B:system library:fopen:Unknown error".

    Any suggestions. I am trying different agents to check.



    I have an issue while adding windows 7 machine via icinga2 agent V2.4.4.
    Agent was already running before then i have alerts for this host showing down always so i have re-installed ( even removed all directories/ temp files and folders).

    information/base: Writing private key to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\ICINGA2\etc\icinga2\pki\axx-?Vast-?SRV03.key'.
    critical/SSL: Error while opening private RSA key file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\ICINGA2\etc\icinga2\pki\axx-?Vast-?SRV03.key': 33558651, "error:0200107B:system library:fopen:Unknown error"


    Just double checked ! This is my configuration.

    [root@icinga2-sandbox ~]# icinga2 api setup
    information/cli: Generating new CA.
    critical/cli: CA files '/var/lib/icinga2/ca/ca.crt' and '/var/lib/icinga2/ca/ca.key' already exist.
    warning/cli: Found CA, skipping and using the existing one.
    information/cli: Private key file '/etc/icinga2/pki/icinga2-sandbox.key' already exists, not generating new certificate.
    information/cli: API user config file '/etc/icinga2/conf.d/api-users.conf' already exists, not creating config file.
    information/cli: Enabling the 'api' feature.
    warning/cli: Feature 'api' already enabled.

    Now restart your Icinga 2 daemon to finish the installation!

    [root@icinga2-sandbox ~]# systemctl restart icinga2.service

    But this is just a test machine for my icinga2, I haven't started with my production one. Do i need to do it before the kickstart config ?



    I also have the same issue after installing director! even tried reloading and restarting daemon. (V 2.5.4)
    Followed instructions from github…er/doc/…ster/doc/

    Stuck with Kickstart wizard , tried from icingacli kickstart run and also from web.

    Some of the config i noted below:

    GRANT ALL ON director.* TO director@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'some password';


    [Director DB]
    type = "db"
    db = "mysql"
    host = "localhost"
    dbname = "director"
    username = "director"
    password = "some password"
    charset = "utf8"



    endpoint = icinga-master
    ; host =
    ; port = 5665
    username = director
    password = some password


    Yes, Icinga2 client is running in the server with basic checks like ping, drives and memory. I want to add particularly the Raid Software to get notifications.