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    I had this issue also, go to Director -> Zones, Add zone, name: director-global, global = yes and save/deploy, then I think I went into CLI and ran "icingacli director zone create director-global --is_global --object_type external_object" and after that restart icinga2.

    The issue is described in which comes up if you google for the error you are receiving: Object 'director-global' of type 'Zone' does not exist

    I took the generated notification_apply.conf notification_templates.conf and commands.conf from director and moved them to static files, and then I added the env = { .... } under the NotificationCommand in commands.conf and renamed everything so it doesn't conflict with the ones from director (and thus leaving the director config intact) and notifications work as expected!!

    So that is the only thing missing in director for notifications to work, perhaps I'll submit a request to them to add this.

    Hmm lets see if I can do that...

    In Director, under commands, Add Command of type "Notification Plugin Command" and the command /etc/icinga2/scripts/ You can also create a separate one for services and use

    Then under Notifications you first create a template with what you need, then a Object, then an apply rule, under Object you will now have the command on the pull-down list.

    Also, you must pull the newest Director from github as the older ones didn't generate any notification config files no matter what you configured in Director... but of course even with all this it still doesn't work, but its getting there.

    I've been having trouble with notifications as well and just now coming here I find out that it officially doesn't work. Sure would have been nice to know in advance, imho Director is quite the mess at the moment but hopefully things will get better.

    I have however managed to set up notifications and to have them executed, however they don't work and the script fails with exit code 64, output: Send options without primary recipient specified. After much digging I'm guessing this is because we cannot set the env in the NotificationCommand through director so nothing gets passed to the script and it fails. I'm going to try and set a static config file next and see if that works.

    Also, setting Time Periods doesn't work through director so there's that too.