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More details here.

    little update:

    excluded the service (and others) from my "big" notification rule and created a new one with a one hour delay.

    As the checks were already critical for several days/hours the notification worked instantly.

    Will monitor if it works normally now, after the checks switched to "OK" again, or if this was just a "one timer".

    cheers and merry christmas (in advance) :)

    yes. It does exist

    Output from icinga2 object list --type Notification --name *Autoticketing-xxx-Services*

    ah, ok.

    here is what I got after adding a new notification rule for me to the service. This new rule has the same config (in director) as the Autoticketing rule:

    Untiln now there is nothing in the whole log concerning my service and the Autoticket notification rule (searched the log for ST-xxx-RZ!xxx_Funktion!Autoticketing-Services (Hostname!Service-Name!Notifcation-name)

    Right. But I didn't force a notification, only a re-check of the service(s).

    After updating the notification rule with a new service this new service got notified after the next check.

    I updated my last post with more logs

    Added a new test notification rule, forced a re-check and the notification got sent ?(:/

    Output from icinga2 object list --type Notification --name *Autoticketing-xxx-Services*


    found this in the debug log after updating the notification rule (added a new service which also got notified right away after a re-check):

    1. [2017-12-18 10:21:14 +0100] debug/IdoMysqlConnection: Query: UPDATE icinga_services SET action_url = '', active_checks_enabled = '1', check_command_args = '', check_command_object_id = 31, check_interval = '60',
    2. config_hash = '994555da2ea2f8e348378fd8e97dc78320a941bb497e291f8e82d4433413138c', config_type = '1', display_name = 'xxx_Funktion', event_handler_enabled = '1', flap_detection_enabled = '0',
    3. freshness_checks_enabled = '1', freshness_threshold = '3600', high_flap_threshold = '30', host_object_id = 2821, icon_image = '', icon_image_alt = '', instance_id = 1, is_volatile = '0',
    4. low_flap_threshold = '25', max_check_attempts = '3', notes = 'bla', notes_url = '', notification_interval = '0', notifications_enabled = '1', notify_on_critical = '0', notify_on_downtime = '0',
    5. notify_on_flapping = '0', notify_on_recovery = '0', notify_on_unknown = '0', notify_on_warning = '0', passive_checks_enabled = '0', process_performance_data = '1', retry_interval = '10',
    6. service_object_id = 6878, stalk_on_critical = '0', stalk_on_ok = '0', stalk_on_unknown = '0', stalk_on_warning = '0' WHERE service_object_id = 6878

    for my everything looks good in there EXCEPT notify_on_critical = '0'

    Some more info from the api (/v1/objects/notifications)

    1. last_notification:1513245079.8763101101 (my forced notif at 14.12.2017 10:51:19)
    2. last_problem_notification:1513245079.8763101101
    3. next_notification:1513333829.0140430927 (15.12.2017 11:30:29, but why?)
    4. no_more_notifications:true

    I don't get why the notifications don't work for the service

    I can recommend the nwc_health plugin in general. It works great and is well documented.

    It has the option to use regex for interface names. Maybe if you define the regex close enough you will be able to check just your two wanted interfaces. But I can't help you with specifics there either.

    I create a separate check for each interface I monitor.

    some additional info:

    tried sending a custom notification, but no notification was created:

    1. [2017-12-14 10:48:58 +0100] information/ExternalCommandListener: Executing external command: [1513244938] SEND_CUSTOM_SVC_NOTIFICATION;ST-XXX-RZ;xxx_Funktion;0;pba;
    2. [2017-12-14 10:48:58 +0100] information/Checkable: Checking for configured notifications for object 'ST-XXX-RZ!xxx_Funktion'

    Then forced sending the custom notification and two notifications were created:

    1. [2017-12-14 10:51:19 +0100] information/Notification: Sending 'Custom' notification 'ST-XXX-RZ!xxx_Funktion!Autoticketing-Services' for user 'Autoticket-Intern'
    2. [2017-12-14 10:51:19 +0100] information/Notification: Completed sending 'Custom' notification 'ST-XXX-RZ!xxx_Funktion!Autoticketing-Services' for checkable 'ST-XXX-RZ!xxx_Funktion' and user 'Autoticket-Intern'.
    3. [2017-12-14 10:51:19 +0100] information/Notification: Sending reminder 'Problem' notification 'ST-XXX-RZ!xxx_Funktion!Autoticketing-Services' for user 'Autoticket-Intern'
    4. [2017-12-14 10:51:19 +0100] information/Notification: Completed sending 'Problem' notification 'ST-XXX-RZ!xxx_Funktion!Autoticketing-Services' for checkable 'ST-XXX-RZ!xxx_Funktion' and user 'Autoticket-Intern'.

    Also found something very similar in another setup:

    Service with a 5min check interval, 1min retry interval and 5 check attempts.

    The service history looks like this, no notifications since Nov 10.

    On Nov 10 I configured some scheduled downtimes under /etc/icinga2/conf.d/downtimes.conf

    Also just noticed thatservice icinga2 status looks like this:

    Hi all,

    I am not sure if this is an Icinga2 issue or an´Icinga Director issue, but as I used the Director to configure the notifications I'll put it here.

    I have the following notification apply rule:

    And normally the notifications are correctly sent after the 10 minute delay.

    For example for this service:

    But then I have this service for example, for which no notification is sent, even after 4 hours:

    Screenshot from today.

    I'm not sure if the intervals of the check may be a problem?!

    Maybe someone can enlighten me :D

    Thx and greetings

    May this issue be due to not automatically applied schema upgrades for 2.5.0?

    I updated another system yesterday.

    Director 1.4.2 was already installed.

    After updating Icingaweb2 to 2.5.0 I was logged in as "user" again. Logged out, logged in again as admin, all well.

    After this I updated the schema to 2.5.0, after I found an issue on github stating that this was not mentioned in the changelog.

    Updating the schema also cleared an issue where I couldn't access services or service apply rules via the Directors activity log

    If I understand you correctly what you would need is a master-satellite setup.

    The master monitors your productive environment, the satellite monitors your development env.

    Master and satellite the communicate over port tcp/5666 with a secured connection.

    A passive service in monitoring will only work if the component you want to monitor can actively monitor itself (like SNMP traps or NSCA with nsclient) (or am I wrong here?). For SNMP traps for example you need a SNMP trap translator configured on your monitoring server to translate the received traps and forward them to the correct icinga service. ->…ck-results-and-snmp-traps

    seems like your master-satellite conncetion is not working.

    Did you run the icinga2 node wizard on the master and set up a master (first question "NO")?

    And on the satellite you set up a satellite and connected it correctly to the master (master fqdn, ip, ticketsalt)?

    Is '' your master servers fqdn?

    Maybe run the node wizard on master and satellite again, add the global zone to both zones.conf files, restart icinga2 on both master and satellite and then run the kickstart assistent from director ([your master ip]/icingaweb2/director/dashboard?name=infrastructure#!/icingaweb2/director/kickstart).

    After this you should have 3 zones and 3 endpoint objects in your director (global,master,satellite) which you can use to bind hosts to your zones.

    I don't know if this is the "right" way to do it, but it certainly works for me.