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    Hi All


    Nagios 4.3.2
    Worker nodes running mod_gearman-2-2.1.5-1

    We have service_check_timeout_state in the nagios.cfg file to "u" for Unknown.
    However when a service check on a worker node times out it goes Critical with the message "Service Check Timed Out On Worker: nag02"
    When a service check timeouts on the main Nagios box it goes to Unknown as expected.

    My question is do the worker nodes ignore the setting for service check timeouts from the Nagios config file or am I not doing some in the mod_gearman config files to tell it to do the same?


    Yeah its the same with Nagios when the status file is unavailable.

    I did find an option for using live status backend for a timeout.
    So I changed this to 5 minutes (600 seconds) and reloaded Nagios but it didn't seem to make any difference as after about 10 seconds the nodes on the maps changed blue then went green again.

    I will have to try and get my head around how to prevent the screen icons going blue on a Nagios reload.



    Hi All.

    We are using Nagvis to display a lot of maps on wall boards using the live backend.

    The problem we have is when we have to make changes to Nagios and reload the configs all the nodes etc on the maps go blue and sound the klaxon.

    Is there a way to tell Nagvis that if the backend is unavailable, due to a Nagios reload not to do this?

    Maybe if there was a way to tell it not to sound and go blue unless Nagios was unavailable for x minutes.

    Thanks in advance.


    I have managed to solve this issue now.
    I had to change the host to localhost and not the servers actual IP address.
    Not sure why.
    This has presented another issue that I will open another thread for..

    Good morning

    I am trying to use MySQL as my backend for Nagvis but I am having issues doing so.
    I have configured the .ini file with the relevant details but in the GUI all my maps have the blue error icon and the message on the pop up says

    "Problem (Backend:ndomy_1): Error while connecting to MySQL server. Maybe wrong connection properties in backend? MySQL-Error: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (13). (Backend-ID: ndomy_1)"

    However from the server command line I can connect using the same credentials and IP address in the .ini file.

    Here is the parts of the .ini file for the connection and backend.



    And connecting to the Database on the same server Nagvis is.

    # mysql -p<hidden> -u nagiosmon -h NagiosReports
    Reading table information for completion of table and column names
    You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A

    mysql> show tables;
    | Tables_in_NagiosReports |
    | nagios_acknowledgements |
    | nagios_commands |
    | nagios_commenthistory |
    | nagios_comments |
    | nagios_configfiles |
    | nagios_configfilevariables |
    | nagios_conninfo |
    | nagios_contact_addresses |
    | nagios_contact_notificationcommands |
    | nagios_contactgroup_members |
    | nagios_contactgroups |
    | nagios_contactnotificationmethods |
    | nagios_contactnotifications |
    | nagios_contacts |
    | nagios_contactstatus |
    | nagios_customvariables |
    | nagios_customvariablestatus |
    | nagios_dbversion |
    | nagios_downtimehistory |
    | nagios_eventhandlers |
    | nagios_externalcommands |
    | nagios_flappinghistory |
    | nagios_host_contactgroups |
    | nagios_host_contacts |
    | nagios_host_parenthosts |
    | nagios_hostchecks |
    | nagios_hostdependencies |
    | nagios_hostescalation_contactgroups |
    | nagios_hostescalation_contacts |
    | nagios_hostescalations |
    | nagios_hostgroup_members |
    | nagios_hostgroups |
    | nagios_hosts |
    | nagios_hoststatus |
    | nagios_instances |
    | nagios_logentries |
    | nagios_notifications |
    | nagios_objects |
    | nagios_processevents |
    | nagios_programstatus |
    | nagios_runtimevariables |
    | nagios_scheduleddowntime |
    | nagios_service_contactgroups |
    | nagios_service_contacts |
    | nagios_service_parentservices |
    | nagios_servicechecks |
    | nagios_servicedependencies |
    | nagios_serviceescalation_contactgroups |
    | nagios_serviceescalation_contacts |
    | nagios_serviceescalations |
    | nagios_servicegroup_members |
    | nagios_servicegroups |
    | nagios_services |
    | nagios_servicestatus |
    | nagios_statehistory |
    | nagios_systemcommands |
    | nagios_timedeventqueue |
    | nagios_timedevents |
    | nagios_timeperiod_timeranges |
    | nagios_timeperiods |
    | servicenow |
    80 rows in set (0.00 sec)


    Any help would be appreciated.


    Is it possible to have Geomaps use hostgroups and not hosts?
    We have a number of data centres and offices that have a number of devices we monitor in them, that we have bunched together as hostgroups, a hostgroup for each location.
    And would like the map to show us the overall status of these locations rather than individual hosts.

    Thanks in advance


    I have put a service group onto a map but it doesn't seem to display the correct icon when a service is critical and has been acknowledged.
    I have a group of icons where one is titled critical_sack which I would have thought meant a critical service that has been acknowledged.
    Instead it shows the error icon.
    Is there a way of finding out what icon it is looking for?


    Not had much luck with a previous thread I posted with changing the way the overview page orders the maps, so have come up with another idea.
    However to be able to implement this idea I need to find out how to change the page the overview screen show, instead of listing all the maps that have created I would like it to go to a certain map page.
    Is this possible at all?

    The reason is I have created a new map that lists the maps in the order I have put them on by adding each map to the page and creating new icons that look like the labels on the overview screen.

    However I need to force the starting page when you log into Nagvis to be the new map I have created.
    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    Wondering if its possible to create an automap by specifying just one hostgroup.
    I have a large Nagios install with a lot of hosts and to allow the automap function to create a map on them all is very slow and takes ages to render when I move around the map.

    I have hostgroups I want to create maps out of but some of these hostgroups have 20+ hosts. To do it manually would take a while so if I could tell automap to just do one hostgroup I could then use the config file it creates for the map and use that to make slight changes. Would save me a lot of time.

    Thanks in advance

    Just started playing around with Nagvis and I'm very impressed with it.
    I've created a number of maps which are shown on the overview screen.

    However I'd like to be able to customise the way the maps are shown, re-order them rather than have them showing alphabetically.
    I'd like to group them by map types, data centres, end to end services etc.
    Also is it possible to change the section for each map on the overview screen, change font etc.