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    could you try to remove your notification intervall, the default is 30min, and see if it uses that one.

    Also, please Update to the latest Icinga2 and director packages.

    Thanks for your response,

    I kept the time interval empty:

    But unfortunately the same issue!


    I'm trying to configure Notification using Director, I've created notification object for user "oper" in order to be notified every 5 hours if host_problem is not resolved:

    But unfortunately I keep getting notifications every 40 seconds,

    Did I miss something??

    Director version 1.2.0

    Icinga2 version 2.4.0

    Thanks in advance.

    What exactly do you mean by "customised plugin for Icinga Web 2"? Can you share the code parts you're using?

    Sorry, customized plugin.

    A PHP code that lists all hosts related to the current user on a customized table. The code will get (username) as an input then it will connect to Icinga2 database to get user hosts.

    This is just a proof of concept plugin. the main idea is to find a way to pass variables from icingaweb2 to another code.



    I've created a customized plugin for icingaweb2, then I've created menu item using Navigation that redirects to that plugin URL.

    The plugin is expecting the current logged-in username as input.

    1. http://localhost:43311/IcingaLogin?$username$

    The question is: how can I pass the username in the new URL?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Kevin.

    Worked fine! But still! there should be a way to do it from Director side! it is too expensive to run the script every 5 seconds!

    By the way, I believe in manual deploying! But, what a lazy operator who doesn't want to waste 3 seconds pressing the deploy link!!

    Thanks again for your help.

    there is a option in the dirctor jo automate the deployment. You should look under Jobs->Config

    Hi Kevin. Thanks for your reply.

    I've created a Job as follow:

    Then I tried to add a new host, and waited for more than 5 minutes. But with no luck!

    When I checked the job:

    Did I miss something??



    Is it passable to avoid manual deploying after changing anything with Director?

    If No, is it a bad idea to create a script that check the output of the command “icingacli director config render” every 5 seconds and then execute “icingacli director config deploy” if there is new configuration?

    Thanks in advance.

    I asked the same question here:

    What I ended up with is that for each Icingaweb2 user I've created a Nagvis user with the same Username and Password as Icingaweb2. Then, from Nagvis I gave that user permissions to view and edit only one map.

    Unfortunately, with this solution, users have to login twice, first login for Icingaweb2, and then a second login for Nagvis.

    If you find any other solution please share it with me.

    Hello all,

    First I would love to thank Director's developers for their great work!!

    With icinga2 I used to run a Perl script that parses an excel file and generate hundreds of host files automatically. But, after trying Director I notice that configuration files are no longer generated in /etc/icinga2/conf.d, they are now in /var/lib/icinga2/api/packages/director/icinga-*

    If I change some configuration manually in /var/lib/icinga2/api/packages/director/icinga-* then I reload Icinga2, there will be no problem, changes will be shown in Icingaweb2.

    But, if I change anything with Director "web-interface" and then I deploy the changes, the old changes "manually changes" will be gone!!

    The question is, how can I change Director's configuration manually, without any effect after deploying new changes from Director web-interface?


    Debian 8


    I've some difficulties using Nagvis/map/filter with icingaweb2 users and icinga2 hosts.

    I've created an icingaweb2 user named "read-only", which is only allowed to monitor hosts that belong to a certain group "group_1".
    From icingaweb2 rouls, the "monitoring/filter/objects" value is "hostgroup_name=group_1" and it is working fine.

    But, when I tried to use "nagvis/map/filter" I could not discover any thing!! Every time the map shows all hosts.
    I've tried all the following values:
    - hostgroup_name= group_1
    - filter_group= group_1
    - filter_group "group_1"
    - Filter: filter_group "group_1"
    - host_name= host_7
    - host= host_7
    - Filter: host_name = host_7
    - map_name="Map_1"
    - map="Map_1"

    I have no idea how to use this filter!!

    I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

    Debian 8
    Nagvis 1.8
    Nagvis Map Type: Regulay map