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More details here.

    This page for version 1.8 ->…t_description.html#action

    They talk about custom macro TAGS!!! According to Nagios documentation, this is called custom object variables. Therefore it should be written as custom variables TAGS with example to help people understand this part.

    Add the following line inside your Unix/Linux host cfg file (for a host)

    _TAGS unix

    Add the following line inside your Windows host cfg file (for a host)

    _TAGS win

    Add the following line inside your web server host cfg file (for a host)

    _TAGS web-443


    Question: I can't find something for Telnet! Just RDP, SSH, HTTP or HTTPS.



    I'm trying to activate the action feature of NagVis to be able to right click on a host and SSH directly into it from the context menu. I don't understand what is the TAGS Nagios custom macro as explained into the documentation and where to configure/activate it. I'm using Nagvis version 1.8.5 with PHP version 5.5.11 and Apache 2.2.32, thanks.


    Nothing in the Apache log file and I've followed correctly the information on provided link.
    Seem to be something else, maybe related to Ghostscript package or Graphviz or PHP5....

    Unfortunately no, still the same, only hostname of root appears in the graph. I suspect Graphviz to be in cause because this started to happen when I've update my Linux and now Graphviz is 2.28.0 instead of 2.26.3. Look like automap use some feature of the graphviz program (maybe graphviz-php) that is no longer available on newer version 2.28.0 of the program. I don't know exactly what automap need (depend of precise version of graphviz for example....) to work but seem that something changed after Linux update.


    I'm using Nagvis version 1.7.3 with Nagios 3.3.1 and automap is not working. I can see my default root host but nothing else! and yes parent are defined for all hosts. If I use native Nagios statusmap and can see the relation between host (parent/ child) but under automap this doesn’t work. Here my automap.cfg configuration:

    define global {
    alias=Network Map