Migration ICINGA1.x to ICINGA2

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  • Hi All,

    I am new to ICINGA. I want to migrate my existing setup ICINGA1.x to ICINGA2.

    Could some one guide me how to proceed further.

  • I'm trying to upgrade Icinga from 1.x to Icinga2.

    we are monitoring 1280 servers and 13389 services.

    Icinga is integrated with Icinga-web , ingraph , Lconf , JasperSoft report, and Mysql database.

    Open for any suggestions.

  • Take a look at this Chapter in the Documentation.

    I would highly recommend that you do not "just" migrate from Icinga1 to Icinga2.

    As there is no straight migration path, it is always recommended to setup a playground where you can checkout Icinga2 and familiarize yourself with the new System, wheter you do that on a VM or use the Vagrant boxes is up to you.

    There are also multiple Addons and integrations for Icinga2 that you can work with.

    • Backend
      • Mysql
      • PostreSQL
    • Performancestorage
      • Graphite
      • InfluxDB
    • Webinterface:
      • IcingaWeb2 with Addons like DIrector etc
      • Grafana via InfluxDB

    Depending on what you want to achieve with your monitoring, different setups are possible.

    Also, please do not post multiple posts in the same thread, without any interaction.

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  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your prompt response. With the help of your post I could able to setup ICINGA2.

    I have followed the manual procedure to configure ICINGA2 and ICINGAWEB2 successfully.

    > Backend databases used is *Mariadb*

    > Webinterface used *IcingaWeb2 with Addons DIrector*.

    Is there any possible tool that we can import or migrate my ICINGA1.x "LCONF" module to ICINGA2 Director .
    Please suggest.

    Jeevan M