failed to import-module icinga2agent

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  • hi all,

    1. Get-Module -ListAvailable
    2. didnt find Icinga2 module
    3. import-module icinga2agent didnd work
    4. where to find the path to icinga2agent module ? tried on windows 2012R2 and 2016 same result
  • Hi,

    run the following command in PowerShell

    1. echo $env:PSModulePath

    This returns some paths (separated with a semicolon) where you can store the Icinga 2 PowerShell module. Create in one of the returned path a sub-folder named like the module ("Icinga2Agent") and store the moduel (the .psm1 file) in that folder. Now you should be able to find and use the module.

    For more details please have a look into the install documentation of the Icinga 2 PowerShell module here:…er/doc/