last check will not be updated

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  • dear all,

    i have the Problem, that the check for same checks not updated, I have run Client X1 with debug and i see not this missed check in debuglog file.

    The same check on other Hosts is running fine. On this client X1 other checks with the same check program running fine. This affected only on Windows clients

    I use the lates icinga2 Version on Server and Windows Client. If i run "check now" - it's work fine, but after 3 min Intervall, not checked again. Any Idee?

    Regards Thomas

  • if i run:

    1. curl -k -s -u root:skldfjsdfusdfmdvujsd -H 'Accept: application/json' -X POST 'https://localhost:5665/v1/actions/reschedule-check' -d '{ "type": "Service", "filter": "\"A-01 Prozess jawaw pro Fabrik\"" }' | python -m json.tool

    the Service is correct running until next check :-(