How to create new user or add additional email for notfication alerts

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  • Forgive my newbie question, but I'm brand new to Icinga and Linux in general.

    I've been ask to proof Notifications from Icinga to Hipchat. I can't install Hipsaint due to our firewall. So we setup email input to hipchat so if you sent an email to a specific address it will load as a message to a specific room. But I've googled and youtube and gone through the forum, but I can't see an article on how to include my new email address into icinga. Maybe I need to create a user the hipchat room email address but I can't find anything on that either.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • For notification you need a user, a notification template (defines the notification in general, like what to notifiy for...) and an apply rule for where to use your notification.

    Check the documentation (it's good!) on Notifications!