Icinga 2 Director Requires Endpoint name to be available as a host? Why?

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  • Hi guys,

    I am going through installing Icinga2 Director and got stuck when running the Kickstarter from the IcingaWeb2 GUI.

    You can see that my Endpoint name is "icinga2-master11", running on localhost. So naturally in the Kickstarter GUI I put these values. Then I got the error saying it could not resolve the name of "icinga2-master11".

    I had to then add this name to my /etc/hosts. Which allowed me to ping "icinga2-master11" (which resolves to localhost btw)

    Why would I have to do this? In the GUI it ASKS for the host, which is localhost in my case, and I thought using that it will know to connect to localhost with Endpointname being "icinga2-master11". Rather it is looking for host "icinga2-master11" with endpoint name "icinga2-master11".

    This really does not seem right.

  • This is a requirement by Icinga 2 and is how distributed monitoring works. Helps to read and understand the basic principles: https://www.icinga.com/docs/ic…6-distributed-monitoring/