Icinga2 Master HA Active EndPoint

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  • Hello,

    We are running Icinga 2.6.2 and we have a distributed HA setup, as per the following description:


    The only difference, is that we use a master slave MariaDB setup.

    Now, there are few things I am unsure right now and would like to clear up:

    1. In the IDO setup:


    I do not see the enable_ha attribute.

    Is this mandatory to have a HA setup of the icinga?

    The ido-mysql feature is enabled on both masters.

    2. Is there a way to have a "preferred" active end point in the cluster? Or how is the mechanism working in deciding who is the active endpoint at a given time?

    In the health page of the icinga I see the following stats:

    Program Version v2.6.2

    Program Start Time 2017-12-19 15:45:32

    Last Status Update 0m 6s ago

    Last External Command Check 0m 6s ago

    Last Log File Rotation N/A

    Global Service Event Handler N/A

    Global Host Event Handler N/A

    Active Endpoint node2-name.fqdn

    icinga has been up and running with PID 4980

    Is this a proper/normal output?