Dependency log entries are spamming the debug.log full

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  • Hi,

    my debug.log on the master is full of depenncy logentries. The example is only a small snipped, i have this entry for every host with dependencies:

    The apply rule uses an array vars.parent to get the parent Host:

    1. pply Dependency "parents-from-director-" for ( dep in host.vars.parent) to Host {
    2. parent_host_name = dep
    3. disable_notifications = true
    4. disable_checks = true
    5. ignore_soft_states = false
    6. states = [ Up ]
    7. assign where host.vars.parent
    8. }

    - 1700MB Logfile contains 670 MB Dependencylines.

    - It looks like the Dependencies ar working.

    - The host is available (no history entries) and its chekced directly from the master.

    Any idea how to fix that ?

    Best Regards,


  • That's a normal and wanted behaviour, debug logging happens only for test cases. There is no way to reduce such, as any feature or event will log to debug, if existing.