mysql error during upgrade to 2.8.0

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  • Hi,

    during mysql upgrade on one of our masters I faced following issue:

    1. ERROR 1061 (42000) at line 68: Duplicate key name 'idx_downtimehistory_remove'

    How should I properly perform the upgrade to not break anything? There's no shared database between masters.

  • Solved by dropping indexes:

    1. INDEX idx_downtimehistory_remove ON icinga_downtimehistory
    2. INDEX idx_scheduleddowntime_remove ON icinga_scheduleddowntime
    3. INDEX idx_commenthistory_remove ON icinga_commenthistory
    4. INDEX idx_comments_remove ON icinga_comments

    and running: mysql -u root -p icinga2idomysql < /usr/share/icinga2-ido-mysql/schema/upgrade/2.8.0.sql manually

  • Seems you are hittind the dbconfig-common package bug again, where such upgrade files are run 2 times. There's nothing the icinga 2 packages could do about it.

  • Hello, I have the same problem with the upgrade but I use CentOS 7.

    1. [root@monitoring upgrade]# icinga2 --version
    2. icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version: r2.8.0-1)

    1. [root@monitoring upgrade]# mysql -u root -p icinga < 2.8.0.sql 
    2. ERROR 1061 (42000) at line 68: Duplicate key name 'idx_downtimehistory_remove'

    Should I drop these four indexes, before the upgrade?