Remote checks on different Zones for, i.e., backups

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  • Hello,

    in my setup i have some problem, I could not find a solution for in the documenation. The setup is constructed as follows: One zone is for the master and backup servers, in another zone I have some clients and a satelite. The clients are backing up on the backupservers in the master zone. my problem now is that I can check if the backups are made on the backup server, but I cannot get it to show for the endpoints in the satelitezone. instead the checkresults are shown for the backupservers (which just works as intended). I found some example where I can get the checkresults to show for the clientendpoints instead for the backupserverendpoints per remote check execution (i think this was also mentioned in the documentation for icinga2/icingaweb2). however this does only seem to work for the case in which the client and backupserver are in the same zone. when they are in different zones, I cant get it to work the way I intended it to. Is there some simple way to show the results of the backupserverchecks on another endpoint (meaning to simply show the result of a check on a different endpoint than it was executed on)? Of course one could use something like check-by-ssh for the remote check, this however would be really messy and I would like to avoid that.

  • You lost me after the second sentence in this text block. Can you please format it a little better, and illustrate it by example, e.g. your zones.conf for the network setup, as well as the host/service objects which you want to define.