Grafana not showing all performance counters in Icinga2

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  • Hi all!

    I hace configured icinga2 + influxdb + grafana.

    Everything correct and working but when trying to generate graphs of services that return multiple counters of performance, only the last one is graphed.

    Is any additional configuration needed?


  • Can you give us an example, so we can understand what you are trying to achieve? It is rather hard guessing from the limited information in your post.

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  • Yes, sorry.

    So... mmm icinga2 + icingaweb2 + influxdb + grafana configured and working.

    I have used the official doc for icinga2 and icingaweb2, docs to integrate influxdb/grafana/icinga2 and this grafana module and documentation:

    One of the steps of the icingaweb2 module is importing a dashboard in graphana that generates a general graph (that uses template variables) that icinga2web grafana module seems to use to embed each of the service graphs:

    Then, each service with performance data shows a graph. For services that generates a single metric as performance data its ok. But...

    I have several services configured to generate multiple performance data. For example, 8 cpu usage values. Visualizing in Icinga2web the service, the perfomance data section shows all the values (cpu1, cpu2,... ... cpu8).

    But the performance graph generated by graphana only shows cpu8.

    Am i missing any step to make grafana show all the service metrics in a single graph?


  • Wow! Fantastic!!

    As workaround, i was creating custom graphs for each multimetric service, but your dashboard worked like a charm!

    Thank you very much