check_network is posting 1 bps network traffic

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  • Is anyone using the "check_network" command to monitoring there network traffic? I am testing NSClient ++ 0.5.144 and when I run this command it outputs is very low bites/seconds for my network card. I am running NSClient++ on my Windows Servers and I compared the check_network output to the Windows task manager output for the network card and they are very different.

    I run check_network and my output is "OK: vmxnet3 Enternet Adapter >0 >0 bps"

    My output in windows task manger is "Sent: 64 kbps and Receive: 0 Kbps"

    Anyone had this issue? Any suggestions on a command that I can use to monitor the network traffic? We are currently using the performance counter to monitor the network traffic but we have seen some of the counter getting corrupted and I was looking for another solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Monitoring Application = Icinga 1 ( upgrade to Icinga 2 is planned for 2018 )

    Windows Server 2012 Client = NSClient++ 0.5.144