Monitoring two or more interfaces

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  • Hello!

    Could you please advise me how to config Director to monitor two or more interfaces. For example, I use to monitor interfaces the iftraffic64 plugin. It has possibility to check just one interface. How can I configure Director to assign two or more interfaces for one host in one Service?


  • You need a plugin and CheckCommand which allows you to pass 2 or more interfaces as command line parameter. If you're saying that check_iftraffic cannot do so, you already found the solution.

    This is independent from the Director itself, it depends on the core. If you want to monitor multiple interfaces with the used plugin, you need to create multiple services for it. A common best practice is to go for "apply for" rules generating such details from host dictionaries. Look it up in the Icinga 2 docs, and try to add it to the Director then. I haven't done so myself, probably others can add their thoughts.

  • dnsmichi, thanks for advise.

    Could you please recomenf me plugin which support monitoring multiple interfaces for Linux server?


  • There's some here, and Icinga Exchange might have some more. I don't have any production environment with them, so no recommendation from my side.…oring/#network-monitoring

  • I can recommend the nwc_health plugin in general. It works great and is well documented.

    It has the option to use regex for interface names. Maybe if you define the regex close enough you will be able to check just your two wanted interfaces. But I can't help you with specifics there either.

    I create a separate check for each interface I monitor.

  • Thanks a lot for advise. I'm monitoring all my network staff by nwc_helth but I thought that can monitoring Linux not by SNMP.