Icinga2, Grafana Module, no datapoints in Grafana

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  • Standalone would be fine but I fear you're right. I had sort of a Graph and was happy as things showed up as I just need to externally include yet. Therefore Graphana only would be fine but even that stopped working... I'll play around a little bit, maybe I will get somewhere.

    Nevertheless, thanks a lot for letting me bother you guys :)

  • It's just frustrating as I've got the feeling that I'm not that far away and it's not missing much.

    I can display the data in Graphite-Web:

    However, I just seem to be too stupid to get it into Grafana:

  • You won't believe it. It somehow started working which now frustrates me even more as I have no clue why it's working now...

    Not for all services but for most of them... Whyever.... Aaaargh... Default dashboard showing data in Grafana and Icinga is displaying the graphs as well.

    Edit: Funnily only in the default dashboard. When trying to create a graph on my own dashboard with similar settings, the graph again doesn't display a thing.


    Not working: