Choosing a monitoring solution between Icinga2, OpenMonitoringDistribution, and EyesOfNetwork

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  • As an intern I am tasked with migrating a Nagios server from a defective Ubuntu 14.04 VM to a new one, presumably a Debian 9.

    I chose icinga since I had no previous knowledge of monitoring, and since Icinga has debian repositories.

    My boss validated the idea, and I clumsied around long enough to have a working (though minimal) Icinga2 & IcingaWeb2 VM.

    Today my boss' boss came to visit and said that at his level, they use Open Monitoring Distribution and that it seems powerful.

    Asking further on the Net, I was proposed too Eyes of Network (a full distribution based on CentOS - I'm not used to RedHat or rpm but I'm not sectarian).

    So, any advice on the pros and cons of each solution?

  • Forget about the pros and cons, all popular monitoring softwares that are out there, can basically do the same.

    The difference is how they do it.

    From what I was able to gather Eyes of Network is using thruk to gather its data, while OMD is using different systems to collect data.

    It should really not matter which system you use from a feature point of view.

    The most fundamental difference between Icinga2, OMD and Eyes of Network will be the community that is driving it.

    As you already posted some things in this forum, you will know how active the icinga2 community is.

    I do not want to say anything regarding the OMD community as I do not know anything about it.

    Regardy Eyes of Network, the website seems to be exclusively in French which suggest a community with little to no input from non french speaking people. Could also be wrong there.

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  • Never heard of "eyes of network", and I guess I know many monitoring tools out there.

    OMD now has two versions (I don't know the arguments or reasons, but at some point commercial open core begins to suck). There's the OMDLabs edition maintained by Consol, and the CheckMK Raw Edition based on OMD. One or the other may suit your needs. In terms of support, I cannot do anything about them nor answer specific questions. That'll be the task for those using and loving it, I don't use OMD, neither at work nor in my spare time. Still, there's a good activity on the OMDLabs edition. CheckMk is slowly fading away imho, they'll go the enterprise application route.

    Icinga has its own stack, but does not go the route with a pre-compiled all-in-one solution. You'll find many integrations, and possibilities throughout Icinga 2 as core, Icinga Web 2 as web framework and its modules going the route for configuration (Director), logs & events (graphite, grafana, influxdb, pnp), maps, ticket systems, etc.

    Since the strategic focus with Icinga is integrations with existing tools, there are reliable APIs, secured distributed monitoring, as well as tools and modules for automated setups (Puppet, Ansible, Chef, etc.)

    Speaking of community support, I am really proud that we have so many community members doing awesome Icinga support on this privately maintained platform.

    Obviously this platform cannot serve as the entire knowledge base for your own needs. Projects have contributors and companies behind them who offer trainings, workshops, consulting and support. Speaking from my experience, some problems cannot be solved by relying on this forum. I know a couple of users in here having chosen to join training sessions or support contracts even. Not trying to sell anything here, just a gentle pointer that this platform doesn't guarantee an answer ;-)