Show the check command

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  • Hey Icinga Community :)

    Is anyway to display the check command directly from the service tab? As far as I know, the only way to show it is to click on "Inspect" link.

    I'm just looking for a short way :thumbsup:

    Thanks guys.


  • Hi,

    just scroll down a bit to the "Check execution" section, the first point should be the used command.

    Or did you mean the full check command with attributes like "-H" etc?

  • I saw the "Check execution" section, but as you said I would like to see the entire command with all attributes.

    EDIT: I ask this because I'm a Thruk user since really long time ^^ And this "check command" section is a little bit useful :)

  • "Inspect" is an extension from the Director module. There are plans to fetch the executed command line from the Icinga 2 API within Icinga Web 2 itself, see here