Is there a way to filter "Unread Posts" ?

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  • HI!

    There are some Projects that i don't need, so i would like to filter unread posts to only get post from projects where I can constribute or get usefull informations for my environment.

    Is there a way to do so ?

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    you can subscribe specific boards. Go to the board you want to watch and click the subscribe button (yellow in the screenshot below).

    Than you have the "Watched board" filter in the drop down menu above (with unread counter).

    Hope this is what you want :)

  • I guess he's talking about the "unread posts" counter. I haven't found a subtle solution for that yet. I tend to ignore forums like CheckMK or OMD entirely in that list, but still I read them to see whether something is going nuts.

    Haven't found a way yet to allow users to fully ignore a sub forum and filter that away in unread posts. That worked in WBB 3.x somehow via an old plugin IIRC.