monitoring/filter/objects role unable to set

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  • Hello All,

    I'm trying to set this filter on a role:

    monitoring/filter/objects : host_name!

    This works(user with this role cant see . But if I set:

    host_name! AND host_name!=*ZZZ*

    nothing works (with no error), user is able to see everything (all hosts)

    Where can I find the right syntax to use? I need to set this filter:

    host_name! AND host_name!=*ZZZ* AND service_name !=dummy

    thanks for your help,


  • Pipe is like AND? I though pipe was like OR and so that's not what I need: With the filter you suggested, I can still see hosts with host_name like *ZZZ* and I can still see !

  • Looking at the documentation it should be "||" or "&&", depending on your needs.

    This is the documentation for Icinga 2, the question here is Icinga Web 2 related. So I guess the Icinga Web 2 doc fits better here :)

    Read through the security chapter of the Icinga Web 2 documentation, especially the Filter Expressions chapter.…b2/latest/doc/06-Security

  • Yes, it is icingaweb2 related but the link given explain the right syntax to use for apply rules, which seems to be same: "||" or "&&" is the right syntax to do OR/AND.

  • Whoops, sorry. I thought so far that Icinga Web 2 uses "&" for an AND expression and "|" for an OR expression, but I just tried using the expressions "&&" and "||" and it works. So Wolfgang solution works. So far I created the filter in the Overview tab and just copied them to the Authentication tab filter.