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  • Hi.

    I'm new here so if I'm posting this thread in the wrong place or breaking any other etiquette, please let me know!

    Anyway, I'd like to incorporate a dasboard from icingaweb2 into a monitoring screen we have on the wall here at the office, but the default dashboard view (/icingaweb2/dashboard) has a bit too much unneeded navigation chrome. Is there any way to show only the dashboard element itself, without the top and side navigation bars?

    Thank you.

  • asgeirbjarnason

    hmm, no not that I know of. The latest commit was 11 days ago as of now, if that is an indicator. I think there is a lot of work to be done to it though, I think it is kind of a sideburner project for dnsmichi.

    It works for my purposes anyway, all I want is a simple dashboard view of up/down hosts & services. (which I'm guessing is what you want as well?)

    EDIT: see mcktr's answer below mine

  • The Dashing project is not actively maintained, the Dashing-Icinga2 project just relies on it. AFAIK there is an open TODO to switch from dashing to a fork of Dashing.

  • Ah, ok. The dashing.io front page has this note at the top


    Heads-up: Dashing still works great, but is no longer maintained. Read up about it over here.

    You can also use the fork of the project.

    So I didn't look much further into it. Since it seems the icinga dashing module is still actively maintained I'll probably take another look at it.

  • "dashing" is an application framework which combines dashboards, jobs, widgets. When you start dashing somewhere, it will take care about your own implementation to start a web server and send update events to your local client's browser. One example how to achieve such is "dashing-icinga2". There's a dashboards, custom widgets and a job which pulls data from Icinga 2's REST API.

    Still, there are many many implementations for such dashboards on the internet. We use such in the NETWAYS office as well for displaying open tickets, monitoring problems, holiday information, or anything which is important to know about in the office.

    While the dashing framework isn't developed anymore by Shopify, there was a fork called "dashing.io", later named to "smashing". While the name doesn't suggest what it does, there isn't much development happening there. I don't have urgent plans to change to that project and do the renaming foo. Unless they solve the issue with Windows clients.

    "dashing-icinga2" started as an Icinga 2 API demo for Icinga Camp Portland in 2015 round about the time we planned for v2.4 and its REST API. I'm always keen on showing a surprise or something new for my talks on events.



    It turned from a fun project into something community members enjoy and rely on. More or less, it still is 90% spare time involved. So yeah, it is a "sideburner" which motivates me. And community members appreciate it and send in their patches and suggestions too.

    I've seen it running a multiple customers, and lately Jens Schanz shared their dashboard at Müller (a German company with >100k services).


  • Just reactivated the dashboard on my side. Has someone a tip for me how to get rid of the sidebar from icingaweb2 2.5.0 in the two links (hostproblems/serviceproblems) at the buttom ? showCompact is there, but does not work.