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  • Hi there,

    I'm using Thruk since more than one year and I'm really happy with it. Together with Naemon it is a nice and stable solution.

    For testing purposes I created at the beginning some Business Processes (BP). As it is a normal way the tests are now in production. ;)

    The Goal of the BP is to create an overview / dependencies of several Hosts/Services.


    If now the Service "Zombie Processes" raise an CRITICAL Status, the instance "Processes" will also raise an CRITICAL status and of course the main instance "Business Report Test" also.

    I configured the BP in that way, that I get an email notification if something goes wrong. So far so good.

    But, in the email notification and also in the history of the BP, you can't see for which reason the BP was Critical.

    The email will only show the first instance. In that example the "Processes".

    Is there any way to get all Information (from all instances) in the mail notification? Like a chain (e.g. The BP "Business Report Test" > "Processes" > "Zombie Processes" changed Status to CRITICAL)

    It looks like it will always take the information from the first instance.

    In that example it is okay, but I created also some BP with a lot of instances. There it is a problem, because will not know what's the reason for the status.

    Hope you can follow me and has a solution/way to help me.

    Many thanks,


  • I checked the configuration again of my test Business Report.

    And surprise, I found something to solve it temporary.

    I have to enable the Link on the sub groups. For example, on "Sonstiges", "Hardware" and "Processes" i have to set "Create Link".

    After that modification, I saw the following change on the BP itself. Notice the Link symbol on the sub groups.

    I produced some Logons to the testing machine and rise the WARNING counter.

    Now I received two mails. The first one because of the overall status change from OK to WARNING.

    And the second mail with the information which service has changed the status.

    In my example the service "Users" has changed from "OK" to "WARNING".

    So in the end it looks like my answer is solved by myself. ;-)

    If somebody knows how to do it better or in another way. It would be nice you would share your solution with us.

  • I have to open the thread again.

    Unfortunately the changes will only have an effect to the notification but not to the report I have to create.

    There it will have no effect. I still see on the report or the availabilty that "Sontiges" is warning, and not "Users". :-(

  • Hi sni,

    I have just upgraded my test installation and it looks really nice.

    You can now see on the Reports which service / node creates the failure / warning or what ever.

    Really good job!

    Do you have an idea when this version will be stable?


    I mentioned that the SLA Report will be with the default settings not really readable on the created PDF documents. To improve it I changed the following lines in the /etc/thruk/plugins/plugins-enabled/reports2/templates/reports/style/css.tt file.

    1. 145c145,146
    2. <   white-space: nowrap;
    3. ---
    4. > /*  white-space: nowrap; */
    5. >   white-space: normal;
    6. 148c149,150
    7. <   font-size: 14px;
    8. ---
    9. > /*  font-size: 14px; */
    10. >   font-size: 10px;

    This will create an output like that.

    Otherwise the whole line with the nessecary information is not readable.

    Maybe you can change this in a later release if you think it makes sense.