Author name "none" for ack/dt/comments

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  • Hello,

    I've run into the following issue:

    When using authnz_ldap authentication with thruk via SSL, the comments/acks/DTs author name is set to none.

    I can see in the Current Network Status bar that my username is correctly registered there. I also found the following line in the thruk log:

    [2017/11/30 23:29:17][][INFO][Thruk] [testuser][External Shinken] cmd: COMMAND [1512080957] ADD_SVC_COMMENT;test-server;CSF status;1;none;test

    Where testuser is my actual username and none is the username sent to shinken.
    Any ideas?

  • Which Thruk version is that and is it reproducable for all commands (which have an author)

    Sorry for the delay here, just saw the notification.

    root@mh-mon02:/etc/shinken/hosts# thruk --version

    Thruk Version 2.16~2.

    I can reproduce it for all commands ( service/host downtime, ack, comments etc. )