How do I create host groups automatically with custom variables?

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  • What I want to do is to create a hostgroup (Linux Servers) that contain all hosts where something like vars.os=linux is defined. Whatever this variable is will be defined when I create a host. I'm getting tripped up at the "Assign where" dialog in Director.

    Can somebody walk me through creating a hostgroup this way and also how to define the host with the os type variable? Extra points will be awarded for showing how to do something same with a service group!


  • that is rather easy.

    1. Create a Datafield that you want to use in your Assign where
    2. Attach the Datafield to a Template
      1. You can do that in the Fields tab
    3. Create your Hostgroup select the Datafield in the Assign where, enter a valid string like ubuntu 16.04 LTS and you are good to go.

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