Icinga2 API or Director API?

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  • Hey,

    This is maybe a nonsense thread, so sorry in advance if my question is stupid :saint:

    I use Director to manage my configuration and I'm looking for automatize a little bit some actions.

    Which API should I use? Director API? Icinga2 API?

    I tried Icinga2 API (with https://metacpan.org/release/T…Icinga2-Client-REST-2.0.0), but I would like to keep all objects inside Director.

    Sadly, no project exists yet to integrate the Director API ;(

    Thank .

  • I would also suggest you use the director API as a mix of Icinga2 and director can lead to really ugly things.

    For the API:

    if there is none, just do it yourself.

    bodsch and me began working together on Icinga (and someday director) APIs for ruby and python that are as similar as possible to remove some of the pain.

    Take a look here:



    We would love it if the idea would spread to other languages.

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  • I saw that Director documentation strongly suggest to don't use conf.d and Director in the same time. But I was not sure about API :/

    So thanks you for the confirmation!

    I'll try to adapt the existing perl library for the Director and share it with the community. Even if I'm not a Perl expert ^^