Enable Flapping for existing/new hosts

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  • Hi there,

    The're 2 things about flap detection feature which I would like to fix:

    1. How could the flap detection feature be enabled by default when a new host is been added into Icinga, because it seems it is not enabled by default.

    2. How to enable this feature for all existing hosts. It is database bulk modification safe enough? What I have seen is that following a DB modification there is no visual (tick) modification on the overview of the host.

    Also is it mandatory that within director, the host object should display the feature as been enabled, because I do not see it:


    1. object Host "FQDN" { address = "ip_address" check_command = "hostalive" enable_notifications = true enable_active_checks = true enable_passive_checks = true enable_event_handler = true enable_perfdata = true zone = "zone_name" icon_image = "tux.png" groups = [ "Linux Group" ] vars.Architecture = "Virtual" vars.environment = "Testing" vars.linuxos = "RHEL 7" vars.osfamily = "Linux"
    2. }

    I am using:

    icinga2 - 2.6.2

    icingaweb2 - 2.4.2

    director - master (current, 1.4.0)

    doc - 2.4.2

    monitoring - 2.4.2

    nagvis - 1.1.1

    pnp - 1.0.1

  • Just do it in the generic host template once, and let all hosts import that. Similar thing for services. Dunno what you mean with "database bulk updates", but if you are going into Director regions, I strongly advise against manual database manipulation.

  • Will open a issue/bug on the github, I thought that it should be enabled from somewhere else.. that's why I also looked into the database method option.. in which I was referring in changing icinga_hosts entries within the icinga director, where the flap_detection_enabled is 0 by default, but that will not show the tick icon of the flap detection on the host preview.

  • Icinga 2 itself sets enable_flapping = false if not provided in the configuration. Therefore you need to explicitly set it there, either via static host template or inside the Director (once the attribute is available in the forms).

  • Yep. Icinga 2 v2.8 introduced new flapping threshold config options, and fixed the flapping algorithm. I presume this is mainly the reason why Director did not support it yet.

  • Gosh.. I would like to avoid doing that, just because I am using a pretty customized script for the clients bootstrap, that will require lot of rework (eg. pki cert are stored differently now) and mainly because other things might work differently afterwards..

  • dnsmichi you were right, the intention is to place the flapping feature in Icinga (version => 2.8), but I really do not understand why a missing functionality within Director, needs to go into Icinga...

  • Both projects are developed by different people. Director is a young project which attempts to provide an interface on top of Icinga 2. Some things might be missing, others not implemented for reasons like "does not work, or is known to be buggy". Either way, if anything is missing inside the Director, your feedback is needed to let developers know about it, likewise in a feature request. Or you'll dive into the code yourself and send in a patch/pull request. That's the spirit of open source.