Different threshold for one service, same display issue - windows check

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  • Yes a rubbish title for a thread but I could not think of a better one. And it will be hard for me to explain but hopefully someone can follow.

    Let's say I am using the memory-windows check. I have set threshold of warning 15%, crit 10% and this check is a part of a service set and runs on all my Windows servers. Works great. When I go to a Windows host and look at Service: windows_memory:

    All good till there. But let's say I want to have a different threshold (and this is just an example, just testing) for my mssql servers. I have a template for the mssql servers that has fields of $memory_win_crit$ set to 3% and $memory_win_warn$ to 5%, I get this: In the main view of the host:

    and then I go to the actual service of memory-windows for that host and:

    it shows the thresholds of the service itself, and not the affected service (by the mssql template) - so the service works, it's doing 3%/5% thresholds but it's not displaying the actual situation. I fear this will confuse my colleagues when I hand over the reins somewhat.

    Anyone had this or any ideas? is this even working as intended perhaps and I have missed something?


  • Hm, can you extract the executed command line for these checks? Those show the real threshold applied as check parameters then.