Automap not showing child hosts

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  • Hi there!

    For some reason child hosts disappeared from the automaps. Only the root host is displayed. Everything was working fine but suddenly no more child hosts in the maps.

    Have searched the logs but didn't find anything that could have caused the problem. Restarted apache and no changes. Later restarted the server but still no changes.

    The only thing that I noticed was that in the modules, when I select nagvis, there is a message saying "There is no such module installed", which is odd because all the static maps are working fine...

    Google for the message but no luck...

    Any ideas?




  • Hi Wolfgang.

    Thanks for the fast reply! I did restore a backup of the modules folder and of the nagvis.ini.php file to a temp folder in order to check for changes in the content but found nothing worth to mention... Any int on any field that I should check that could cause this behavior? I'm asking this because we inherited this configuration so we're not sure of how the right configuration should look like,,,



  • Just to add that we were able to find the root cause. Our outsourcing company changed the Icinga's parents relationship configuration while doing some tests.

    apply Dependency "Parent" for (parent in host.vars.parents) to Host {

    parent_host_name = parent

    assign where host.address && host.vars.parents


    Hope It helps someone.